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A final version of this features has not been released. This feature is only available for Pre-Launch Feature Testers. If you are interested in Pre-Launch Testing new Floranext features, please submit a request at

Floranext allows for Stripe users to use the Credit Card Surcharge feature to pass on the fees of credit card processing to their customers when taking orders from their Floranext Point of Sale.


Setting Up Credit Card Surcharge

First we are going to go over how you are able to set up Credit Card Surcharge for a Floranext Point of Sale system.

To access the Credit Card Surcharge settings you are going to navigate to Settings ➜ Credit Card Surcharge. From this page we will have access to the Surcharge Settings section which will provide the following settings:

  • Fee Label: This is the label for the Surcharge which will be displayed on the Point of Sale Payment Popup when completing an order from the Take Order Page. Additionally this is how the Surcharge will be displayed on all reports.

  • Fee Percentage: This is what percentage of the grand total of an order will be applied as a fee when processing a credit card payment.

  • Enable for POS: This setting will allow for you to enable/disable Credit Card Surcharge from you Floranext Point of Sale. When this setting is enabled, while taking a credit card payment, you may be able enable/disable the Surcharge fee per transaction. 

Note: The Fee Percentage cannot be set to more than 4% of the order grand total.

In order to enable the use of Credit Card Surcharge for the Floranext Point of Sale system you are first going to want to ensure that Fee Label and Fee Percentage settings are correct for your store. After confirming the other settings are correct you will want to ensure that the Enable for POS setting is set to Yes and click Save

Note: Please ensure that you are in accordance with your local or state laws before enabling this feature. Floranext cannot confirm for your business whether these standards are met.

Credit Card Surcharge on the Take Order Page

Once Credit Card Surcharge has been set up you can begin to use the Surcharge on your Take Order page.

The Credit Card surcharge can be applied to credit card payments from the Take Payment popup, if the payment method is Credit Card - Stripe. 

When you enter a card number, Stripe will determine if the card is a Credit Card, Debit Card or Prepaid Gift Card (like a Visa Gift Card).

The fee will automatically be enabled if a Credit Card is detected. You can disable the fee at any point before completing the order.

Note: The fee cannot be enabled if a Debit or Prepaid Gift card is detected.

If enabled, the Credit Card Surcharge on an order the Order Amount will automatically update to include the fee value in the Order Amount. Disabling the checkbox will also automatically update the Order Amount value to remove the fee value.

Credit Card Surcharge on Order Details

After completing an order from the Take Order page with Credit Card Surcharge applied you will be able to view the Surcharge on the Order Details page.

By going to the Order Totals section you will be able to see the Credit Card Surcharge which was applied to the order under the Delivery Charge row. The Surcharge will be displayed with the label set for the Fee Label in the Credit Card Surcharge settings page.

Note: The Credit Card Surcharge amount displayed under Order Totals will be the value without the tax applied. The tax for the Surcharge will have been added to the Total Tax row value. You can view the value with tax applied by hovering over the info button.

Credit Card Surcharge on the Sales Report

When viewing your Sales Report you will be able to see the total amount of Credit Card Surcharge fees which have been charged over a set period of time.

If you are viewing the Sales Report you will be able to see the Credit Card Surcharge total by going to the Order Detail section of the report. The Surcharge will appears with the Fee Label set in the Credit Card Surcharge settings page and will appear under the Wire Fee row.

Note: The total displayed for the Credit Card Surcharge is not including the tax charged for the surcharge. The tax is included in the Taxes row of the Order Detail section.

You are also able to view the Credit Card Surcharge for orders on the export of the Sales Report.

The Credit Card Surcharge will appear as its own column on the export with the header using the Fee Label assigned in the Credit Card Surcharge settings page.

Note: The Credit Card Surcharge amount displayed in the export will be the value without the tax applied. The tax for the Surcharge will have been added to the Tax row value. 

For more info on the Sales Report you can go to this article.

Credit Card Surcharge Laws

Before implementing Credit Card Surcharge, please check all applicable local laws. Here are some links that may help you better understand any relevant laws. 


Upcoming - Surcharge Support for the Website

Floranext does not yet support the credit card surcharge feature for the website checkout.  

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