This report breaks down the sales of products by reporting category, showing the quantity of each item and the total sales for that product. Now you can easily see which products are selling the most, and which are under-performing.


If you are on the Floranext Platform 1.0, please refer to this article.

Product Category Report

To see sales by category navigate to  Reports > Product Category Reports category. 

Here you will select your date range and filters. 

Product Category Reports can be ran under order dates or delivery dates. 

You may also choice whether or not to show wire outs in this report.

Using the seasonal category will help keep Track of your holiday sales.

As a florist, some portion of your inventory may be lost. Use the spoilage category to help keep track of this looses. 

Adding Product Categories 

When adding products be sure to add a reporting category. 

To add additional categories navigate to Settings > Reporting Categories. 

More information can be found here!