If you are on the Floranext Platform 1.0, please refer to this article.

Wire Service Settings

Navigate to Settings > Wire Service Settings.

  • Wire Out Fee: This will be the default value on an additional fee on all Wire Out type orders on the POS.

  • Wire Out Fee on Website: If enabled, all addresses that do not match your Delivery Charge settings and are therefore Out of Area will also receive a Wire Out fee. 

Flowers Shop Network Settings 

To enable Flower Shop Network, enter your Username and Password.  

To begin setup process or for username/password info, please contact Flower Shop Network at 800-858-9925.

For more information on FSN, please see Floranext POS and Flower Shop Network Overview.

Wire Services - For Reporting Purposes Only 


Any other wire service you use should be entered here so you can record how you send wire out orders for accounting purposes.

Note: Adding any wire service will not automatically send orders, this is just for accounting purposes only.