House Account Settings

Our newly added House Account Setting allow you to customize how your billing, printing, and reporting for house account operates

Let's start by navigating to Settings > House Account Settings. 

  • Statement Format: this changes the display of invoices on a statement, but does not affect whether the invoices are shown.


  • Statement Invoice Number: This adds an invoice number to statements for shops that have customers that require this for billing.

  • Custom text for statements: This open text field adds text to the very bottom of statements after the last invoice.


  • Custom Text for Invoices: This open text field adds text to the very bottom of invoices after the totals.

  • Email Statement Custom TextThis open text field adds text to the email sent out with statements.

Bee Sure to save your changes once you are complete!


  • Generate Statements by: Changes the property used to generate the statements from either the Order Date or the Delivery Date. Changing this can affect what is shown on a statement.