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Integrated credit card processing involves connecting a Stripe account or payment gateway to your third-party processor so that all payment information is entered securely into Floranext and paid out automatically. We strive to be as flexible as possible when it comes to credit card processing for your flower shop, and we're happy to review these options by phone. The world of credit card processing can be tricky to navigate! 

Integrated credit card processing is required for website users, and recommended for POS.


Running a Debit Card Without Integrated Processing

If your customer has a debit card without an accepted logo, then you have the option of processing it as a "Debit with PIN" transaction that will require your customer to enter in a PIN.

These types of transactions must be run independently of Floranext using a standalone terminal provided by your credit card processor that includes a PIN pad for entry.

  • Enter the order in Floranext, select Take Payment
  • Choose 'Debit'
  • Process the debit transaction on your standalone terminal
  • Complete the order in Floranext once payment is complete

No debit card info will be entered in the Floranext POS.

Removing a Credit Card on File

If you have integrated credit card processing with your Floranext POS, you have the ability to save credit card info for your customer securely.

To remove a saved credit card for a customer, go to the Take Order page.

  • Create a new Taken order with the customer added and a product included
  • Click Take Payment (you won't actually complete the order)
  • Select Credit Card and choose the credit card to remove from the dropdown of saved cards
  • Click the X to the right of the saved credit card drop down

When you're finished you can refresh the Take Order page or navigate away from it, you don't need to actually complete the order.

Running a Card That Requires Verbal Authorization

Some credit cards require a verbal authorization, which means the card issuer must authorize the transaction via phone at the time of the sale.

Call the card issuer and give the amount. They will confirm the sale, and you can attempt to process the card again. It may sometimes take up to 15 minutes from the time you call for the authorization to be complete.

Common Credit Card Declined Messages

If you have integrated credit card processing with the Floranext POS, the card is authorized before the order is completed.

If the authorization fails for any reason, a pop-up message will appear noting why it failed and the order will not be completed. A new method of payment can be entered to complete the order. Here are some common messages you may see when processing a credit card:

Declined: Insufficient Funds

The cardholder's bank cannot confirm that the account has enough funds to cover the order total.

Resolution: Use a different payment method. Cardholder can call bank for more information.

Declined: Do-not-honor-card

The cardholder's bank has flagged this transaction and will not approve it unless the cardholders calls bank to specifically approve the transaction.

Resolution: Use different payment method or cardholder can call bank to approve the transaction.

Activity limit exceeded (65) 

This means the customer has exceeded their spending limit or has insufficient funds in their account.

Resolution: Contact customer for alternate form of payment.

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