Credit Card Readers

 (must be capable of keyboard emulation via USB or Bluetooth)

Credit Card Reader Troubleshooting

If your credit card swiper isn't working, there are a couple questions before we test the swiper.

Has the swiper worked previously? If not, you could have an encrypted swiper that may not work with Floranext.

Are you using the "Credit Card - Swiped" or "Credit Card - Stripe" payment method? If not, the swiped card won't populate the correct fields.

Is your cursor blinking in the Name on Card field? If not, the swipe won't transfer any information.

Are you making a clean swipe? If the swipe is not "clean" or done smoothly in a single motion, then the swiper may misread the card.

If you are doing all of these things and your swiper is still not working, please contact Floranext Support for assistance.

To allow us to help you faster, please open up a Notepad document, swipe the credit card reader into it, and have the output ready for us to look at.