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Floranext florist websites and point-of-sale software offer flexible options for floral delivery charges. Set your delivery charges by one of these three options: 

  • Zip/Postal Code - Set charge based on zip/postal code
  • Distance from your business - Set a charge based on the distance
  • Region (less common) - Set charge based on named location (shown in the drop-down menu for the customer)


General Settings 

Delivery Charge - in the Delivery Charge section, you can calculate your charges by zip code or distance for US shops. We will go over both options below. 

For Canadian shops, please choose Delivery by Postal Code.

Out of Area Fee - Set your out-of-area delivery fee if you wish to allow orders outside your area. Make sure the total amount is worth you delivering to those places outside your delivery area. 

Store Address for Deliveries - If you have an alternative address for deliveries, enable the option to Yes and enter in your alternative address.

Delivery Charges - US Zip Code

Start by navigating to Settings ➜ Delivery Charges in your Floranext dashboard.

Predefine a delivery charge for each zip code you service (e.g. zip code 12345 has $10.00 delivery, zip code 12535 has  $5.00 delivery.)

Delivery "zones" can be added for specific zip codes to make it easier to group deliveries. 

Floranext will check the recipient zip code against the list of predefined serviced zip codes and if it's not in the list, then the 'Out of Area' delivery charge will be applied.

If the specific address can not be found, the distance to the center of the zip code will be used. Also, if the distance is greater or does not fall within the parameters you have set, then it will default to "Out of Area" delivery charge and apply the wire out fee.

How to Setup:

Hit the Add Charge button in the lower-left-hand corner.

Here you will the zip code, Charge Amount, State, and status. You can add as many zip codes at one time if you want.

Enter in all zip codes you service along with a delivery charge for that zip code.

Delivery By Distance - US and Canada

Predefine the distances and charges (e.g. 0-2 miles has $5.00 charge, 2.01-5 miles has $8.00 charge....)

Floranext will map the recipient address to calculate the distance to the shop, then apply the delivery charge according to your parameters.

How to Set Up:

Enter in shop's address along with the parameters for the delivery charge (ex. 0 miles- 2 miles has $8.00 charge). Enter as many parameters to the distance you deliver for your shop. 

Note: For Canadian shops, please ensure to set the units to Kilometers.

Delivery Charges - Canada Postal Codes

For Canadian shops, you can deliver based on postal codes. 

How to Set Up:

From the drop-down, select Postal Codes and let the page refresh. Then click Add Charge.
Here you can enter in the first three numbers/letters of the Postal Code, Charge Amount and Status (Enabled/Disabled).

Delivery By Region

Depending on how you assess the delivery charge, zip code setup may still be applicable for your shop. However, Floranext also has the option to assess delivery charges by zones for shops outside the U.S.

Delivery Regions  will allow you to setup custom Regions with a set delivery charge so the zone of the recipient can be selected to add the correct delivery charge to the order.

Navigate to Settings ➜ Delivery Charge.

From the drop-down, select 'Regions' method and let the page refresh. Then click on "Add/Edit Charges".

Add the name of your delivery zone in the Region Name field and the delivery charge for this zone in the Delivery Charge field.

Click Save in the top right corner and repeat until all Regions are entered.

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