In this article, we will go over orders, how you can view, make edits, and additional features.

Viewing Orders

To view your received orders, you will click on the Orders > Orders.

Your orders will be shown listed from the recent at the top and the oldest toward the bottom. 

If you see an order with a yellow bell, that means it is a new order that the ticket has not been printed out for yet.

To view an order, click on the view button on the order. 

If you go into edit an order, it will re-highlight it even if you've aready printed the ticket. You can bypass this by changing the status of printed ticket to yes and saving. 

Once the page loads this will display the full order information. 

How to Cancel an Order

In your Floranext admin click ORDERS, find the order you want to cancel and click View, then press the Cancel Button (if it was ordered on a credit card) their credit card will be

How to Edit an Order

You can edit the order. By clicking this button you can add or take away products, change the address, etc. (If the order was taken with a credit card, altering the price of the order will automatically charge/credit their card.)

How to Print an Order

You can Print, Print receipts, or Print tickets from this section too just by clicking the corresponding blue button.