What are Widget Banners?

Floranext's new Widget Banners work within the existing Widget Menu for Floranext Websites. Different from the traditional pre-made banners that Floranext has always offered, Widget Banners allow you to upload an image of your choosing, and turn it into a proper banner by adding custom text, and linking to a specific page on your site of your choosing. 

How to Set Up the New Widget Banner

Navigate to Website > Front Page > Widgets (your Onboarding Agent may need to give you access).

From the Widgets Manager page, hit the "Add New" button and select "Banner Widget."

This will open a popup that will let you set details:

Note: Ask our Onboarding Team, or follow this link for a collection of our preselected, licensed Banner images to boost your website's style! 

For more information on Widgets, please refer to the following article: 

Website Content & Design | Front Page Widgets