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Getting great reviews of your flower shop is key to getting florist website orders - they are important for customer confidence and search engines use them as an important part of their SEO ranking. What can you do to get better reviews of your shop - here are a few ideas to build your florist website business.


Check for Negative Reviews

First, check the most important websites where your flower shop may be reviewed. You should do this on a regular basis as negative reviews may impact your florist website traffic significantly. Search for your business to see your reviews – monitor these and other review sites every few months:

  • Google Maps (there will be a link to your Google Plus/Business Page)
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages –

Get More Reviews

Customers and search engines look at your reviews and scores on review websites. But it’s not just the review, the number of reviews matters too – Google views websites as more important. More reviews mean a more trusted brand. And if you have more reviews, one negative review will not have the same impact.

Encourage Customer Reviews in Store –  During and after every sale, ask your customers to leave you a review on Yelp or Google. Be prepared with flyers, business cards, and any other creative means you can to let your customers know you want their opinion and where they can find you online. A florist shop that gets lots of reviews overall looks better to customers. Many positive reviews take the sting out of a bad review whenever it happens.

Email Friends and Family – Email trusted parties like friends, relatives, and loyal customers with a link to the page to add a review. Make sure to include the link or links so your friends can easily add their own reviews. Send out these emails over time rather than in one go so it spaces out the positive reviews over time.

Email Happy Customers After Orders – You can add a link to Yelp or Google Places on your confirmation email after a successful order. Email brides who you know are happy customers a few days after weddings.

First steps to fixing bad reviews on a florist website

As a florist shop owner, when you get a bad review, stay calm and read it first to see what the reviewer is really saying. The bad review shown reveals the customer felt they did not get the flowers they ordered which could be resolved. Here are a few tips:

Contact the customer privately – Politely and ask what flowers you can send them to fix the problem. You can either contact them through the website or use your shop’s florist software to pull that customer’s information up and give them a quick phone call. Listen closely to them to make sure you know what needs to be done and offer them an incentive beyond what they suggest. The customer will probably add a new glowing positive comment that gives visitors a much better impression. Reviews cannot be deleted so the next best solution is to have a second raving review from that customer.

Add a public owner’s comment – to a bad review to show everyone who looks at the reviews you care about your customers and want to improve your service. It would be very wise to make time to respond to your customer reviews. You want to have as many positive comments as possible. Head off negative reviews with a great florist e-commerce experience. 

The best way to deal with a negative review is to make sure it never happens in the first place. Provide the best customer experience possible everyday. Listen carefully to what the customer wants and do the best you can to give it to them. Use your flower shop software and the tools it provides to give your customers the best service possible.

  • Delivery Confirmation – Senders should receive an automatic delivery confirmation
  • Satisfaction Guarantee –  Advertise 100% satisfaction on your florist website so customers know they can come to you with problems.
  • Make Your Customers Happy – Figure out a way to make an unhappy customer happy. It could be a replacement, a gift card, or a full explanation. A great attitude and understanding can go a long way to turn a negative experience into an overwhelmingly positive one!

Google Reviews on Delivery Confirmations

Floranext makes it easy by gaining more 5 Star reviews through google with its Google Reviews on Delivery Confirmation email. 

If you wish to add Google Reviews to your Delivery Confirmation emails, reach out to Floranext Support today!

How does it work? 

Once you set an Order's Delivery Status to "Taken/Delivered", a review email will be sent to the Sender's email address.


If an image is attached via the "Send Photo" feature of our Advanced POS, it will appear in the review email.

A Positive Review will bring your customer to  your Google Review form. To set this up, contact your Onboarding Agent.

A Negative Review will bring your customer to a form that will allow them to give you feedback on their experience.

They can also select whether they are comfortable receiving further contact via the "Allow us to reply" checkbox.


Once a customer has reviewed their experience, an automated email will be sent to your store email address. This will link you to the Customer Review Report.

Mark them as Reviewed to keep track.

If the customer left a comment with their review you may read it by mousing over the '(i)' info bubble.

Customer Reviews Manager

The Customer Reviews Dashboard allows you to manage positive and negative reviews you may receive from the Customer Review version of the Delivery Confirmation Email.

You can access the Customer Review Dashboard under Reports ➜ Management ➜ Customer Reviews.

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