In this article, we will go over the process of adding coupons and discounts to products on your Floranext website. 


Creating Coupons

Coupons can be created for a limited number of uses or duration of use.

In your Floranext dashboard, navigate to Marketing > Coupons and click on the blue button - Add New Coupon.

On this page, you can set the following: 

  • Coupon Name - Name of the coupon
  • Description - Describe what the coupon is for. 
  • Active - Yes or No
  • Websites - Leave on Main Website
  • Customer Groups - Type of customer who can use coupon
  • Coupon - Click to change to Specific Coupon
  • Coupon Code - Enter a code that customers will use. 
  • Uses per coupon - How many times the coupon can be used
  • Uses per customer - How many times can a customer use the coupon 
  • From & To - Select the dates you wish to run the coupon from and to. 
  • Conditions - you can set conditions for the coupon or leave them blank so the coupon can be used for all products. 
  • Actions - here you will apply different coupon methods, amount of discount, etc. 
  • Once you have entered in the information needed - hit save! 

Creating Discounts

navigate to Marketing > Discounts.

Click on the blue button - Add Discount

On this page, you can set the following: 
Discount Name - Name of Discount
Description - Description of Discount
Status - Active or Disabled
Website - Main Website
Customer Groups - Highlight not Logged in. 
From and To - Select Date From and to the discount should be available.
Conditions - Add Conditions if you want to apply discounts to specific products. Do not enter any conditions if the discount is applied to all products. 

Now we set the discount. You can set it by a certain percentage or by a fixed amount.

After filling up all the fields necessary and choosing settings, make sure to click "Save and Apply" button at the top instead of just "Save rule" or "save and continue" so the Discount will apply to your website.