There are three different kinds of links you can have on your navbar: 

  1. Links to product categories (eg. Birthday Flowers, Roses, Gifts)
  2. Links to content Pages (eg. Wedding, Delivery Policy)
  3. Links to other web pages and sites (both on and off Floranext)


Product Category Nav Bar Link

if you want to add a link to a new category, go to Products > Product Settings > Categories. In the column along the left side of the screen, check the box next to the category you want your page to link to on your navbar.

Content Page Nav Bar Link

if you want to add a page you are going to go to Website > Content > Pages. 
Here you can edit a page or create a new one. Check the box next to Show Page on Nav Bar and select a page or category for it to nest under. If you leave this blank, the page will show up as its own option on the navbar.

Web Links on Nav Bar

For web links, go to Website > Content > Pages.

Here you will click on the drop-down arrow on the blue button add pages

Click on Add Link

The label on Nav Bar - Give your link a name
URL For External Link - Paste the URL for the page into the destination field.

Parent Menu - Select where you want to place on Nav Bar or Nest. 

As always, don't forget to save!