In this article, we will go over how to enable different notifications on your Floranext website. 


How to Add a Top Bar Notification

This gives you the ability to put a banner of text on a colored background across the very top of your florist website. This can be great for announcing special holiday hours or closures.

To activate your top bar, navigate to Website > Design > Top Bar Manager.

1. Set Show Top Nav Bar Text to Yes

2. Choose your text color and your bar background color. 

3. Select your text size.

4. Finally, add the text you would like displayed on the top bar. 

5. To put text on a new line, simply type <br> after the last line before the break. Be sure to click Save!

How to enable Notifications of New Website Orders

There are a variety of new website order notifications that can be set up in Floranext. To choose how you want to be notified, please log in to your Floranext Admin and navigate to:

Settings > Website Settings, scroll to the 'Website Notification Settings' section.

  • The computer plays a sound (Keep your Floranext Dashboard open on your shop's computer during business hours with the volume up!)
  • Email. Enter multiple email addresses separated with a comma.
  • Text Message (SMS). The text notification needs to go to a cell phone, not your landline. You can enter in two cell phone numbers by separating them with a comma.

A Bell Icon will appear when a new order comes in or make any edits to an order and have not re-printed. If you wish to remove the bell icon on the order  - Navigate to Order > Store Details Section> Ticket Printed > Yes