In this article, we will go over how to add a banner to your Floranext website.


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How to add a banner

1. To add a banner, navigate to Website > Content > Banner.

2. Click on the blue button drop-down arrow - Add New Banner on the banner, Banner 1, Banner 2, or Banner 3 section. 

3. Select the category you want the banner to showcase. 

4. You can select a banner or you can add your own image. 

5. To add your own image, click on the image icon or drag and drop an image. 

6. An Image editing screen will appear where you can crop, filter, add text, etc. Once you have made your edits hit save.

Note - Standard Banner dimensions are 1440 X 432 pixels.
Note - Large Banner Dimensions are 1366 X 768
Note - Categories need to be active if you have specifc banners linked to categories for them to work properly. 

How to Update / Remove a Banner

You can edit a banner by simply clicking on the blue button dropdown arrow - and selecting the update banner. Here you can re-select a different banner or upload your own. Don't forget to save!

Removing a Banner

If you'd like to remove banners, Click on the blue button drop-down arrow and select remove banner. 

Linking A Banner to A Gallery

Banners can now be linked to galleries as well as product categories. This is a great tool for showing off your wedding and event portfolio!

Linking a gallery to a banner is simple, it's done the same way you would add any other banner.  At the bottom of the list, you should find your active gallery pages. Choose the gallery you would like the banner to link to, or select your Gallery Home to bring your customers to a page with all your galleries.

After making your selection, choose the banner to display.

Choose your banner and save, just as if you were adding a banner for a product category.

Success! Our new banner displays properly on our site, and links to the wedding gallery you chose!

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