In this section, we will go over how to setup up your delivery charges and settings for your Floranext Website. 


Delivery Settings

  • Navigate on your Floranext system to Settings> Website Settings > Website Delivery Settings. 
  • Enable Minimum Website Order Subtotal -(Yes or No)
  • Minimum Website Order Subtotal Amount - Required Minimum amount
  • Shopping Cart Warning message for Minimum Amount - Typed out a message
  • Accept out of Area Deliveries - (Yes or No)
  • Accept Pickup Orders on Website - (Yes or No)

Delivery Charges

Navigate to Settings > Delivery Charges

Calculate Delivery charges by: 

  • Distance - Charges based in Distance from shop to Customer
  • Zipcode - Charges based on Zipcode
  • Postal code (Canada/International) - Based on Postal codes
  • Delivery Regions - allow you to setup custom Regions with a set delivery charge

An example of Distance charges would be 0-2 miles. 2.01- 4 miles and 4.01 - 6 miles 

Out of Area Fee Amount - the total amount needed to be charged for delivery based on your delivery charge settings. 

Delivery by Distance Settings

Store Address for Deliveries - (Yes or No) By default, the address set in Store Info will be used to calculate Delivery Charges by Distance and for the first and last address in your delivery route generation on the Deliveries Manager page.

 If you would like to specify a different address for your Delivery Charges by Distance and route generation fill out this setting with your preferred address.

Delivery Charges by Distance

Enter the distance from the store to another distance and apply a delivery charge to that distance. 

Delivery By Zipcode (US)

Delivery Charges by Zipcode

Enter in the zipcodes your shop delivers to and apply a delivery charge based on that zip code.

Delivery by Postal code (Canada/International)

Delivery charges by Postal Code

Enter in postal codes your shop delivers to and apply a delivery charge based on that Postal code. 

Website Delivery Calendar

To mark dates you are closed for Delivery or need to turn off the calendar to stop the influx of orders during the holiday rush, you will need to use the Delivery Calendar.

Navigate to Settings > Website Delivery Settings > Website Calendar

What days are you always closed - select the days when your shop is closed for Delivery. 

Specific Dates - Mark on the calendar which dates you are specifically closed. For example January 1st - New years day or December 25th for Christmas. 

Same-Day Delivery Cutoff 

If you want customers to order by a specific time each day for same-day delivery, Navigate to Settings > Website Delivery Settings > Website Same-Day Delivery Cutoff

Select the specific days and times per day you would like customers to order by.

In the same-day delivery policy - enter in your policy for same-day delivery ordering. 

Delivery Policy

The Delivery Policy appears on every product page on the website, ensuring that the customer will see your delivery policy before completing their website purchase.

If you'd like to add or update the default delivery policy, go to Settings > Website Settings >Website  Settings > Website Policy Settings > Delivery & Substitution Text.