Floranext allows you to turn on holiday pricing across an entire category like Roses or Valentine's Day and set it to turn off and on by specific order date. For example, you may want all your products in the Rose Category to show a price that is $15.00 higher than the normal price before the holiday. 

Note - Any changes you make to the website will also reflected in the POS as well. 


If you are on the Floranext Platform 1.0, please refer to this article.

How to Activate Holiday Pricing

Start by navigating by going to Products > Categories.

On the left-hand side of the screen click on the category you wish to add Holiday pricing too. For this example, we will click on Valentine's Day. 

Click on the blue button - Holiday Pricing.

Information you will fill in:

  •  Price increase - Percentage or Dollar Amount
  • Enter in the amount based on your previous selection
  • First Delivery Date - when do you want the Holiday pricing to take effect. 
  • Last Delivery Date - When do you want the Holiday pricing to stop.
  • Holiday Pricing Message - If you want to provide an explanation on why the price changed when selecting certain dates. 
  • Don't forget to hit save!

If you want to add pricing to select products you may do so by changing only following steps 3 - 6. Then you can go to the individual product and enter in the amount you wish the product to be during the holiday. For example if your product is $50.00 and you want to increase it by $30.00, you would enter in $80.00 in the holiday pricing field.

You can always override the holiday amount manually. For instance if your product with holiday pricing is set to $50.00 you can override the amount with the new total.

How to Turn Off Holiday Pricing

Holiday pricing is based on the Order Delivery/Pickup date. In setting up your holiday pricing you selected the end date. The system will automatically turn off Holiday pricing based on the date selected.

If you want to end Holiday pricing early, simply go into Holiday price settings and change the date.