The Designer's Choice feature allows customers to set a price for a custom arrangement (above a minimum you set), provide details on the recipient, and lets the florist make the design.


If you are on the Floranext Platform 1.0, please refer to this article.

Designer's Choice Settings

On your Nav Bar, Navigate to Website > Content > Designer's Choice.

Settings For Designers Choice:

  • Show on Front Page - ( Yes or No)
  • SHow on Nav Bar - (Yes or No)
  • Title on Nav Bar - Enter in the title you would like to call Designer's Choice
  • Show on Category pages (Yes or No) 
  • Default Display price 
  • Minimum For Delivery 
  • Upload custom Image - Default image provided by Floranext.

When adding a minimum order for delivery, please add the numerical value only. Avoid using the $ sign.