*Chromebooks must use Google Remote Sharing

Where to Download Cisco Webex

To join a meeting, you must first download the software on your computer or the browser link sent by Floranext. 

 To download the software in advance, you can go to https://www.webex.com/downloads.html and click the download button.

(it will prompt you to download the correct version regardless of Operating System)

Note: Mac users will be prompted to enable certain permissions in order to display their screen. Your mac will walk you through this process and show you what permissions need to be enabled. This must be done in order to share your screen.

To Join Meeting 

Step 1 - Click "Join Meeting" from the email you received. If receiving support via chat, you can click the link your chat agent provided you and skip to Step 2.

Step 2 - Download and install Cisco Webex if it is not already installed (the prompt to download should be automatic, but you will have to click the download in the bottom left to install the software)

Step 3 - After installing Webex, fill out your information and click Next

Step 4 - Click the Join Meeting Button

Step 5 - Click on Share at bottom of the screen and select Screen (if using multiple monitors, they will be numbered, choose the appropriate screen)

To stop sharing - Click either the share button on the bottom Navbar and stop sharing or leave the meeting by closing the program or using the red circle with the x on the Navbar.