Adding New Product Inventory

Go to Products > Add Product and determine if you will be entering in a website or POS product (you can manage inventory for both).

When you are finished filling in the product's basic info, scroll down to Advanced Options. Set Manage Inventory to Yes. You will be able to enter units of inventory to start with here as well.

Editing an Existing Product's Inventory

Go to Products > Product Catalog and select from the dropdown to see either your existing POS or website items.

Once you select the type of products you'd like to see, you can view your items and edit them as needed.

Managing Inventory

Go to Products > Inventory.

This is the screen that will show you all of your products that you have enabled tracking for and their units. When a unit a product gets sold, the unit will be automatically deducted from this count.

Print Report: This option will allow you to print an inventory report with product ID, name, unit price, and units available

Export Report: This option will trigger a download for a CSV/Excel spreadsheet to your computer. It includes product IDs, names, unit prices, and units available.< 20MB)