Custom Deposit Schedule

First, navigate to your Stripe Dashboard, then go to Payouts on the sidebar.

From the Payouts menu, click Settings. In the Settings screen you'll see your connected bank account information, and beneath that, your Payout Schedule.

By default your payouts will be automatically deposited to the connected bank account every day, seven days from the time payment is received. You can change your deposit schedule to daily, weekly, or monthly, and all captured payments within that span of time will be bundled and deposited. We do not recommend switching to manual payouts.

Accelerating Deposit Schedule

Stripe has their own policy on payout schedule that Floranext has no control over—however, Stripe has encouraged account holders to use the Contact Us form in the Stripe dashboard to request a shorter payout schedule. Stripe will review the request.

The qualifications for the 2-day payout schedule are as follows:

  • Your business is located in the US or Australia
  • You have actively processed payments for 120 days, or have over 100 charges
  • Your dispute rate is below 0.2%