To prepare for setting up the BBPOS chipper credit card reader, we'll first need to make sure payment methods besides Stripe you may have used in the past are switched off. Floranext can ensure this, just let us know and we'll check.

Next, Location needs to be enabled for the app—there will be a popup to prompt you to do this, or you can enabled Location from the iPad Settings.


  1. Open Floranext POS app (BBPOS chipper credit card reader should be flashing blue)
  2. Enter an order for $.50 and select Total Price
  3. Choose Card Present Stripe
  4. BBPOS chipper credit card reader should still be flashing blue
  5. Select Complete Order
  6. App should say Processing then select Swipe, Insert, Tap
  7. BBPOS Chipper Credit Card Reader should be flashing white and blue
  8. Process card and order is completed


  1. Unpair BBPOS chipper credit card reader Bluetooth in iPad Settings
  2. Turn off Reader
  3. Log out of Floranext iPad app, force-close app, restart iPad, open Floranext iPad app, turn on BBPOS chipper credit card reader