Once you receive the Castles MP200L with the proper key injected by POS Portal, the device will need to be paired to your iPad.

Pairing the Device

  1. On the MP200 device, press and hold the Bluetooth Button (Up Arrow) until the device requests PIN
  2. On the iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth > Select the MP200 device (be sure Bluetooth is enabled!)
  3. A 6-digit PIN will appear on the iPad. Enter this PIN on the MP200 device and wait until the MP200 displays a green check mark and "OK." On your phone/tablet you should see the MP200 is "Connected," as shown below. 

Note: If the Castles MP200L device is to be used with multiple iPads, then the MP200L device must be unpaired before pairing it with a new iPad.

If using multiple MP200L devices, be sure to select the correct device when pairing by checking the device name is "MP200L - last four digits of serial number" found on back of device.

For detailed instructions, see Castles MP200L Overview