Note that Floranext now only supports Stripe BBPOS Credit Card Reader for iPad. The Miura reader is no longer supported for new customers. 

Once you've received your Miura device, contact Floranext Merchant Services to configure your Stripe account with the Miura device. Then follow the instructions below to pair the device to your iPad.

Pairing the Miura to your iPad

On the Miura device, click and hold the Bluetooth button on the top right until it begins to rapidly flash.

On the iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth and enabled Bluetooth if it isn't already enabled. Then tap Miura under My Devices.

A pairing key will display on the iPad and on the Miura device.

Press the green check mark button on the Miura device to accept the pairing. On the iPad tap Pair button.

The devices should now be connected!