A list of recommended hardware compatible with the Floranext POS iPad app, including:

  • Credit Card Processing
    • Stripe: BBPOS Chipper 2x BT (Purchased through Stripe)
    • USAePay: Castles MP200L Device
  • Printing
    • Ticket Printing
    • Receipt Printing
    • Order Printing
  • Stands
  • Other hardware (barcode scanners)

The iPad can be used as a front-counter register or portable register. If portability is important, be sure to get wireless hardware. If you'd like to speak to a representative to discuss your setup needs, please schedule with us today!

Credit Card Processing

If you are unsure which method of integrated credit card processing you are using, please send us a Support Ticket to confirm.


If your Floranext POS is integrated with your Stripe Credit Card Processing account, a BBPOS Chipper 2X BT will allow you to dip and swipe credit cards to process from the Floranext app through your Stripe account.

The BBPOS can be purchased from your Stripe admin console. 

USAePay Gateway + Chosen Merchant Account Provider

If your Floranext POS is integrated with your chosen credit card processor using a USAePay Gateway, a Castles MP200L EMV Pin Pad Credit Card Reader will allow you to dip and swipe credit cards to process from the Floranext app through your credit card processor.


In this section, we'll review all the print job types and printers recommended for the Floranext POS App

Printing Receipts

The Floranext POS app easily captures a signature for credit card sales and seamlessly emails receipts to customers upon request. If printing receipts isn't common for your shop, you may choose to forgo having a dedicated receipt printer and just printing receipts on plain letter paper for the seldom occasion it is needed. Choose a receipt printing method that fits your shop best.

Print Receipts on Receipt Printer

(with optional cash drawer)

  • Prints on small, receipt paper
  • Print receipts automatically for cash sales from App
  • Cash drawer connects to the receipt printer to automatically open for cash sales
  • Good for shops who print receipts frequently
  • Available with a USB/lightning connection, bluetooth connection to iPad

Where to purchase?

Purchase the Star TSP 100 Series, USB

from POS Portal or your favorite retailer

If mobility of the iPad is important, get a Bluetooth type TSP 100 Series (Model 143) so cable connection is not necessary.

----------------------or use----------------------

Print Receipts on Standard Paper

Print on letter sized paper from standard printer

  • Cash drawer not available
  • No need for separate receipt printer
  • Automatic receipt printing not available
  • Good for shops with few walk-in customers or only printing a few receipts per month

Printing Orders


Easily print tickets by connecting your Wifi-ready printer to the same Wifi network your iPad is connected. Must have Wifi!

The recommended Ticket Printer is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Printer (other HP printers may work but have not been tested).

This printer fits the legal-sized ticket paper in it's tray and connects via Wifi for fast ticket printing. Available for purchase on HP.com or from your favorite retailer.

To print, troubleshoot printer issues, and set up a printer on a wireless network, you will need to download the HP Smart app. 

How to Set Up a Wireless HP Printer from an iPad or iPhone | HP Printers | HP

1. Go to 123.hp.com from a browser on your iPad and install the HP Smart app.

2. Make sure your mobile device is connected to your wireless network.

3. Open the app, and then add your printer. 

  • If your printer displays, continue to the next step.
  • If your printer does not display, tap the Plus signto select a printer from the list of found printers or set up a new one, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Within the HP Smart app, set the Paper Size to legal by going to Preferences> Tray and Paper> Set to Legal> Apply.

   Note: If you see a setting that says " Override A4 Letter" that's enabled, you have to disable it.

5. Within the Floranext iPad app go to Settings> Hardware> Ticket Printer> Select a printer.

If you already have a ticket printer, it may work with the Floranext POS app. Click to learn more. Common reasons your current 2-tray printer may not work with the app could be that your printer is not Wifi-ready or complications with the tray selection. 

Work Orders

Any Wifi-ready printer should be able to print work orders on standard paper from the app.


There are a variety of stands available for purchase from POS Portal to eloquently display your iPad. Be sure look for a stand that swivels if you will be asking customers for signatures!

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is supported in the app, see POS Portal for the Bluetooth Barcode Scanner