Use the Inspiration page to upload images that you and your customers have shared to create a clear vision for their Wedding or Event in one location!

How to access the Inspiration Page?

Open a Proposal and click on the "Settings" button at the top right then select "Inspiration".

How to upload images to your Inspiration Page?

You can upload up to 7 images. You can either click on the "camera icon" and it will take you to your computer files where you can just search for the images on your computer or if you already have the folder where images are on, just click and drag them to the "camera icon".

How to delete images?

You can delete images on your Inspiration Page by hovering your mouse cursor to the middle of the image and clicking the 'trash can' icon which will appear.

Adding a description to your Inspiration Page.

Take additional notes on in the Description field. Write about the mood or key aesthetic points that you and your customers are striving towards. Any text entered will save automatically after clicking outside the text field.

Note: the Inspiration Page will only print once images are added. 

Printing proposal with the Inspiration Page.

After you're done editing your Inspiration Page, you can print it out by going back to your proposal and hitting "print" and choosing "print proposal. 

Send a copy via email!

The inspiration page will be added to any proposal you send via email!