Floranext allows you to easily track your conversions from Google advertising.

Recently, Google has made an update where they created a new type of conversion and they called it "New Google Ads" hence they now call the old conversion as  "Previous AdWords ". 

Both are still supported by Google and are valid tools for tracking your conversions, we just support them slightly differently.

To apply your "Previous AdWords" conversion to your Floranext. Navigate to

Admin > Settings > Website > Website Settings - SEO section > Google Adwords Tracking

While we are able to support both google services, for the time being, our support team will have to help you install your "New Google Ads". 

Below we have three articles from Google to help you identify which Google Service you are trying to integrate with and to help guide you to set up.

  • To determine what type of conversion you signed up for please click here
  • To set up "Previous AdWords " conversion tracking on your website please click here
  • To set up "New Google Ads" conversion tracking on your website please click here

Note: For "New Google Ads" a support team member will have to upload generated JavaScript Snippets for you. Please follow Google Ads' steps to create a Conversion and generate the appropriate JavaScripts Snippets.