Google Reviews greatly benefit your Floranext website's ranking on Google, and good reviews are enticing to potential customers as well!

Follow the steps below to create a URL to share with a customer to lead them straight to a form where they can fill out a review of your shop.

1. Use Google's PlaceID Finder to search for your shop.

2. Copy the Place ID it shows you (this should appear as a long string of random letters and numbers).

3. Paste the Place ID onto the end of this link:

For example, if your place ID is ChIJ861CyAu-4YcRYs4qcDWMIBc, your finished URL will be:

You're done! You can now send this finished URL to customers, or include in your email signature, order confirmation email template, site footer, or elsewhere!

We recommend using a URL shortener like bitly to shorten the link.

Remember, it is against Google policy to offer incentives to customers to complete reviews. Your business could be banned from Google For Business for attempting this, use your new powers wisely.