Floranext's florist websites meet all 6 categories of PCI standards:

  1. Maintain a Secure Network
  2. Protect Cardholder Data
  3. Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
  4. Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  5. Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  6. Maintain an Information Security Policy.

Please note: TLS v 1.0 has been discontinued for the admin side of the Floranext software. To keep support for older browsers on the front end as long as possible, we still support TLS v 1.0 for visitors to your e-commerce site. We will phase this out by June 30th, 2018 as per the schedule set forth by the PCI Committee. To apply for an exemption using the attached form when submitting your paperwork. There is a pdf format and a plain text format.

Please contact our team for more detailed information by emailing support@floranext.com