We have recently added a feature to allow nesting of content pages in a more customize-able way on your Floranext website. Please keep in mind this is not available on all Floranext packages.

First, navigate to Website > Content > Pages.

Then select "Add Page." (Note: this can be done to existing pages as well.)

Once in the new page screen, add a title and any content you wish to include. You can choose the nesting option before or after, depending on how you like to work on your pages.

When ready, simply check the box marked "Show Page on Nav Bar" and a drop down will appear.

From this drop down, simply select the location you would like the page to appear under in the navigation menu. The options will vary based on what you have on your instance, so may look different than the example image given below.

Don't forget to save! Now when you navigate to your website and reload, you will see this page nested in the navigation menu. (Note: if you do not see the changes, you may need to clear your browser cache before they will show.)