Floranext websites have an easy-to-use Blog for flower shops to use to promote their floral website! By adding unique, informative content to your Blog, your website will gain traffic and become a useful resource for your customers. Adding a blog is a great way to give an SEO boost to your website.

Here's how to start:

1. Enable the Blog Feature

Navigate to Website > Content > Blog > Settings > and set the Enabled option to Yes.

This will create a link to your blog on the navigation bar of your Floranext website so customers can find it.

Other important settings like metadata for SEO exist here too, browse the Settings page for more info.

2. Add Blog Post Categories

Blog categories help your visitors filter through post topics they are interested in and provides a way to organize your posts.

Navigate to Website > Content > Blog > Categories and click Add New or edit the existing categories to customize.

3. Add a Blog Posts (the fun part!)

Navigate to Website > Content > Blog > Add Post and fill out the appropriate fields.