Changing Your Website Theme

To change your site theme, navigate to Website > Design > Theme. Select a theme by clicking it, then click Save.

Benefits of Advanced Themes

Advanced Options

Advanced theme options are only available for the advanced themes. They allow you greater customization of header and footer content, as well as the site accent color. Venture also gives you the ability to create a side-menu that displays next to the banner. Once your options are set, remember to Save!


Advanced Website Themes come with the ability to add Custom Widgets to your Website's Homepage! Use widgets to create a Contact Form on your Homepage, or create a new custom banner with your own image and text using our widget banner options. There are many more options available with widgets that will help you customize your homepage!

Click HERE to learn more details about how Widgets work on your Floranext Website.

Improved SEO - Local Pages

Advanced Website Themes support the addition of Local Pages on your Floranext Website. These pages are built with the intention to help improve Search Engine Optimization for your Website. 

Add pages that help you specify each city, town, and zip code that you offer delivery to. You can even add pages that are dedicated to certain Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, or any other type of business you could think of. 

Local Pages are ONLY available on Advanced Website Themes. Please click HERE to learn more about how to create Local Pages on your Floranext Website!

Mobile Device Responsive

Google places higher value on websites that are responsive to all types of devices that a user may be using. A large amount of people are only shopping from their smartphone devices, as opposed to a regular laptop or desktop computer. 

Responsive means that the website is going to look correct, whether its viewed from a smartphone device, a tablet, or a traditional computer. 

Floranext's Advanced Web Themes are built from the ground up to be responsive on ALL devices, aiming to give you a competitive edge against other businesses in your area that may not be considering the responsiveness of their websites.

Advanced Options - Belle Theme : Accent Colors

When using the Belle theme for your Floranext website, the website accent color options are limited to two choices: black and white. This limitation is intentional to ensure a contrast between the website font colors and full page banner unique to the Belle theme.