Managing Products and Content | Nesting and Reordering Website Product Categories

Modified on Tue, 25 Feb 2020 at 02:46 PM

To change the order or position of your website product categories and the way they display in the menus, go to Products > Products > Website Products in your Floranext dashboard.

On the left side of this page you'll find your website categories.

Enable/Disable a Product Category

Check the box to the left of the Category's title. 

  • If it's checked, that category is enabled and may appear on your website
  • If it's unchecked, it is disabled and it will not be possible to navigate to that category page on your website


To reposition a category page on the nav bar, use the left menu's drag and drop functionality, which will save the update automatically. Once completed, go back to your website to check. Please refresh the page if you have left it open.

Note: To move a subcategory to the nav bar from being nested in another category, remove it from the category it is currently nested under and onto the same line as another main category. (For example, in the GIF above, "Flowers" is a Main Category, while "Summer Flowers" is a Subcategory, nested within.)

Floranext understands that your business is your first priority! Updating and changing content and products for floral holidays and seasons can be time consuming; to save you time we offer a new service called "Website Autopilot." 

With this service we manage certain parts of your website for you: we will keep it timely and fresh, updating your front page products, product categories and banners for every Season and Holiday. The link below will provide you with detailed information. 

You can also use the chat window to the right to contact a Floranext Sales Representative today!

Floranext Website Autopilot 

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