The Designer's Choice feature allows customers to set a price for a custom arrangement (above a minimum you set), provide details on the recipient and lets the florist make the design.

Note: Designer's choice only work with advanced website themes. Click here for information on changing your site theme.

Enabling Designer's Choice

  1. In your Floranext dashboard, go to Website > Content > Pages. 
  2. Under Designer's Choice, set this to on or off. 

Editing Designer's Choice Options

  • You can give this page a custom name here.
  • Add/remove Holidays, Occasions and recipients your customers can choose from.
  • Add a minimum order for delivery

Note: When adding a minimum order for delivery, please add the numerical value only. Avoid using special characters like $ or .

Changing Where Designer's Choice Appears

  1. In your Floranext dashboard, go to Products > Products > Designers Choice
    • Front Page: Set this to Yes if you'd like the Designer's Choice block to appear on the front page of the website
    • Nav Bar: Set to Yes to display on nav bar
    • All Category Pages: Set to Yes to show on all category pages
    • Default Price: Set your default price on Designer's Choice products
    • Add Custom Image: Upload your own image for Designer's Choice
  2. You can select from among three premade Designer's Choice block images, or upload your own
  3. Don't forget to save!