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Modified on Mon, 02 Mar 2020 at 03:52 PM

Floranext now links your order data with Quickbooks Online!

The sync is only possible with Quickbooks Online, and will not work with the Quickbooks desktop version. Please visit Quickbooks for more information on getting Quickbooks Online.

What information is exported into Quickbooks Online?

The link will export the customer information, order total, and delivery information. It will also export house account charges, and payments made on them, marking them Paid in Quickbooks Online once they have been completely paid off in 

Floranext. These all drop into both your General Ledger and your Sales Transactions. The information is exported by order and not as a whole, so each order becomes its own individual sales receipt in Quickbooks. You cannot choose to only export some orders and not others, all pending order export at once.

For Website/POS: "Sales Receipts"
  • Customer Profile (if applicable),
  • Billing Info
  • Shipping Info
  • Product Name/Price
  • Order Total (tax, grand total, etc.)
  • Payment Type (cash, credit, etc.)

For House Account: "Invoices"
  • Payments Received on Invoice
  • Customer Profile (required),
  • Billing Info
  • Shipping Info
  • Product Name/Price
  • Order Total (tax, grand total, etc.)
  • Payment Type (cash, credit, etc.)

How do I set up my Floranext system to sync with Quickbooks Online?

If you would like to set up your Quickbooks and Floranext link, simply call email or submit a ticket in order to schedule a time, we generally need at least a day's notice depending on the time of year. It takes 15-30 minutes for the setup, explanation, and answering any questions you may have.

What if I have been manually entering my orders into Quickbooks Online?

A start date will be chosen, and any orders in Floranext from this day forward will be exported into Quickbooks Online. If any outstanding house account orders were manually entered prior to this date, you will need to also manually enter the payments into Quickbooks Online, but once all outstanding invoices from before this sync date are paid, you will not have to manually enter anything into Quickbooks Online again. If you already have customers in Quickbooks Online, it will apply the orders to their order history. 

It will also create new customer profiles in Quickbooks Online for new customers exported from Floranext. This gives you the freedom to utilize the synced data as you need for your shop. 

Will things I enter into Quickbooks Online update in Floranext?

No, they will not. The link is one way, and only things entered into Floranext will be exported into Quickbooks Online. We recommend doing all your order entering and managing of house accounts in Floranext for this reason.

Does Floranext provide Customer Support for Quickbooks? 

Only as it pertains to the link. While we can help explain where the orders will go into Quickbooks and what information is being sent, questions on using Quickbooks itself for sorting and running reports should be directed to their support department, as they are more knowledgeable in the inner workings of their own software. Our expertise is centered around the data coming from Floranext and arriving in Quickbooks.

How orders are being exported to Quickbooks?

Orders are being exported to Quickbooks as Sales receipts only. Please refer to the images below for an example.

Order from your POS.

To see the imported orders on your Quickbooks online, You just have to click on "Sales" on the side menu of Quickbooks.

When you click on a Sales receipt on Quickbooks, it will look like this.

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