Setting Up a Standing Order

To set up a standing order, you will first create the original delivery order as you normally would under the Take Order tab.

Once the original order has been created, go to your Orders tab and click on the order you would like to turn into a Standing Order.

When you open the order, you will now see the option of Standing Order on the left sidebar. Click this button.

If you don't see the Standing Order option, it may be because the original order is not a Delivery order and/or was not paid by Credit Card or House Account.

Now you will be able to customize when you would like for your Standing Order to be repeated. Select the options that best reflect the Standing Order you would like to create and click Create Standing Order.

Note that the standing order schedule is based on the order date, not the delivery date. For example if the standing order is meant to repeat every Friday, then the original order needs to be entered on a Friday.

Note: Any changes made to the standing order—price, product description, etc.—will break the standing order chain. The standing order will need to be re-created if any changes are to be made. 

Running a Standing Order

A few days before your Standing Order is to be sent, you will see this notification banner at the top of your Floranext dashboard:

To place this order, simply click the banner.

To process your current Standing Order, click the "Process" button next to the Order information.

A window will pop up, prompting you to edit the Card Message (if you would like), and prompting the payment method. 

Select the payment method you would like to run for this order and click Save.

The order has now been successfully added to your Orders tab and you can begin to fill it!

Setting Days Prior to Standing Order

As stated above, a few days before the standing order needs to be sent you will be notified via the top banner. The default for this notification is 3 days prior.

You can change this number to whatever you'd like by going to Settings > POS Settings.

Scroll down to Other Options and update the "Standing Order prior days."