How do I export customer and house account data from my old POS to import to Floranext?

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We aim to make transferring data from your old POS to Floranext as easy as possible. Find your old POS system in the list below and follow the instructions to create a document to send your onboarding representative for import.

Click here for an explanation of the data we can import to Floranext and the necessary format for that data.

Teleflora Dove

Customer Export

Here are the instructions on how to export your customers from the Dove system to an Excel Spreadsheet. After following these steps, please email us the excel file so we can import for you to the Floranext POS system.

In Teleflora Dove, navigate to Tools > Reports > Customer List > All Customers, then choose All Types and click Display Report.

When exporting, make sure to select Data Only.

Click the icon in the upper left of the page.

Choose export report, name the file, and click "Save as type." A drop-down list with options will appear. Choose "Select data only" and save the file to your desktop as an .xls file.

House Account Export

Navigate to Tools > Reports > Aged Trial Balance.

Click the small icon in the upper left of this pop up to export. Choose XLS for Excel format.

Teleflora Daisy

In the Teleflora Daisy system, the goal is to export the Customer Master list. This will have pre-organized fields including customer name, balance, etc. (You may need to "add" additional export fields like City, State, and Zip.)

The Daisy system is set up with a main server and connected computers. You will need to access the main server computer to pull the spreadsheet. The file we will create is named Export by default.

Navigate to Marketing > Customer Pro > Data Export.

Teleflora Eagle

From the Teleflora Eagle main menu, go to Shop Management and click Tools > Reports > Advanced Reports > Customer > Customer Master > Run Report, then check the option to keep existing number and date formats.

Click Print Preview, then choose Export (the envelope icon with downward arrow). The file will be saved where you designate.

FTD Mercury

Exporting customers from FTD Mercury is easy. On your main server computer, go to Management > Reports and Templates. This will bring up a folder with different reports.

Customer Export

Click "Customer Master" to open the file in Excel (this may take several minutes). You may be prompted to enable macros.

Save this file to your computer and send it to your Floranext onboarding representative to be imported.

House Account Export

From the Reports and Templates page, you can also click "Abbreviated Customer Master with Balances." This will open the file in Excel, which may also take several minutes and require enabling macros.

Save this file to your computer and send it to your Floranext onboarding representative.


Customer Export

In your Floristware POS, go to Marketing > Create a Campaign > Name by Name > Build by Removing Names > Exclude Recipients from List.

Ignore the three list print options (mailing, phone, and email) and choose Export from the bottom.

Then find the file (this is typically in your C:// drive right inside the Floristware file.

Send this to Floranext and we can import it to your Floranext POS.

House Account Export

Following are some steps to gather aged account receivables balances—also known as House Account balances—from Floristware, but your mileage may vary.

From your Floristware POS, click Create Reports > Receivables Reports > Accounts, then choose Aged Receivables by Account.

This will display a report of all outstanding balances, and you can remove all $0 balances from the list with another button. Note that we can only import data if it's presented to us in a spreadsheet format.


You can export a complete list of your customers using Reports > Accounts Receivables > Customers > Information.


First, click the Center containing the list you want to export, then display the customers you want exported (if desired, click the Customers & Jobs or Vendors tab).

Click the View drop-down arrow and select a filter. By filtering the list, you can determine whether QuickBooks exports all list entries or only those that meet certain criteria.

In the Center, click the Excel drop-down arrow and select Export Customer List or Export Vendor List.

In the Export window, choose whether to create a new worksheet, update an existing worksheet, or export to a comma separated values/.csv file. (Any of these options will produce a usable spreadsheet.)

Click the Export button. You can now send this file to your Floranext onboarding representative.

Visual Ticket

In Visual Ticket, click the Administration option from the top menu and choose the Customers option from the dropdown.

In the window that pops up, click the Search button in upper left, then click the Filter button.

Now click the Excel button in the bottom left and open the file to save elsewhere, or check the file path and find the file where it's saved in the directory.

This document will contain the full customer database along with their balances.

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