Floranext's Delivery Driver Web Manager

The Delivery Driver Manager (part of our New Delivery Manager Package) allows your delivery drivers to manage their routes with ease, all from their mobile device's web browser:

  • Access turn-by-turn directions
  • Update order statuses/mark delivered while on the road
  • Take notes on individual deliveries
  • Click to call sender or recipient¬†
  • Open via email or text message on both Android or iPhone

How To Use

Step 1 - Create Route, Send Route to Driver by Text and Email

Once you have created a route from the Deliveries Manager Page, open the Add Driver Drop Down and select a User Login as that route's Driver.

You can share the route via Email or Text Message, as well as send an email copy to your Store Owner email (located in Store Info > Store Email).

Step 2 - From text or Email, Driver Opens Delivery Driver Manager on Phone, can view detailed order info

From the main app page, your driver can review Delivery Information, Update Delivery Statuses, and Submit Comments to the Order Details Page. 

Step 3 - Driver Clicks Map Icon, Gets Turn-By-Turn Directions

By clicking the Map button on any order, the Driver App will launch a route from your current location to your next delivery address using Google Maps. (We recommend having the Free Google Maps App installed for the best experience)