Floranext's Customer Review Dashboard

The Customer Review Dashboard allows you to manage positive and negative reviews you may receive from the Customer Review version of the Delivery Confirmation Email.

You can access the Customer Review Dashboard under Reports > Management > Customer Reviews.

Once you set an Order's Delivery Status to "Taken/Delivered", a review email will be sent to the Sender's email address.

If an image is attached via the "Send Photo" feature of our Advanced POS, it will appear in the review email.

A Positive Review will bring your customer to a page that will link to your Google Review form. To set this up, contact your Onboarding Agent.

A Negative Review will bring your customer to a form that will allow them to give you feedback on their experience.

They can also select whether they are comfortable receiving further contact via the "Allow us to reply" checkbox.

Once a customer has reviewed their experience, an automated email will be sent to your store email address. Either will link you to the Customer Review Report.

Mark them as Reviewed to keep track.

If the customer left a comment with their review you may read it by mousing over the '(i)' info bubble.