Floranext's website checkout has always been secured with HTTPS 128-bit protection. In November 2017 we will be adding entire-site HTTPS, so all pages, not just Checkout Pages are secured with SSL. 

The security of your florist website is important to protect your customers' data. In order to protect the data your customers send through your florist website, the site is protected with an SSL certificate. 

What is HTTPS?
Floranext's website checkout has always been secured with HTTPS 128-bit protection protection so your customers' data is always secure. All customer name and credit card info is always protected.

We are now (November 2017) adding that same HTTPS protection on the entire website.

How Do I Know If My Website has HTTPS? 
In Google Chrome browser you can see a lock green icon on your website when you are using a secure connection. If you visit the Floranext.com website you will see this. Also on your website checkout you will see

Why is HTTPS on Full Website Important?

The full-website HTTPS is growing in importance. Here are some reasons: 

Protect Customer Data - You do want to protect all customer data. Internet data that is not SSL-secured is vulnerable to being intercepted. 

Customer Confidence - Customers can see the lock icon and know their information will be protected

Google Ranking - Google looks at many factors to rank your website. A secure website is becoming an increasingly important factor. 

Please let us know if you have any questions on this important topic!