Your flower shop has different options available for processing credit cards. 

1. Integrated Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card Processing allows you to process the customer's credit card information in Floranext when completing the order. Customer credit card information is saved securely and conveniently in your system. You will be preventing fraudulent credit card activity and have the ability to make changes to your customers' orders to conveniently charge or refund them. 

A. Floranext Merchant Services Powered by Stripe

Most credit card companies have very complicated pricing structures intended to hide the amount of money you are paying. Floranext's offering is the opposite - trying to be very clear what you are paying with no extra fees. 

Floranext Credit Card Processing

- No gateway required (save money on gateway fee)

- No PCI compliance fee, staement fees, device insurance fees, or other hidden charges

- Flat rate on all transactions - 100% transparent

- Ask your onboarding or sales representative for current rates


B. Merchant and Gateway Account

You can choose a merchant process service provider of your choice and integrate them with Floranext by adding a payment gateway. Your merchant must be compatible with our payment gateway company USAePay. There is an additional for the gateway that Floranext sets up for you - there is a one time charge of $75 set up fee and $15 a month. We will require your merchant to send us parameters to set up the gateway. We can recommend our partner merchant if you are interested in comparing rates. 

2. Nonintegrated Credit Card Processing

You have the option to process your credit card orders independently of the Floranext system. Credit card orders processed through Floranext requires that you process the customers credit card through your own independent credit card terminal. Customer credit card information will not be saved in Floranext.