First, you will need to provide us with an Excel spreadsheet with information on products and also a compressed folder (zipped) with all images. Images must be a reasonable size, less than 200k each. 


Column Needs

 -Sku - product ID - can be any alpha-numeric, must be unique

- Name

- Description

- Price 

- Status - where 1 = enabled, 2 = disabled

-Taxable - where 1 = taxable, 0 = nontaxable

- Reporting Categories - (for POS products) called product categories under POS settings. Just use Name. If category does not exist it will be created.

- Image - (for website products) for example if the image file name is dozen-roses.jpg you would enter this in the image field

- Categories - (for Website products) these will be in the format 1,3,5,25   


- Floranext will provide a list of pre-existing categories - customer will need to categorize the products. Customers should put products in top level categories (e.g. Flowers) as well as subcategories (e.g. Roses). 

This sample import includes all importable fields in the best format