We are continuing to update this feature,  so this feature may change without notice.  Not all stores will have the ability to use this feature yet, as it is still being finalized. Certain limitations prevent full release, these are being addressed currently and we are very close to full release. 

Currently, to enter an order with a negative amount, you will need to go under POS Settings and disable the feature called 'Split Payments' to submit the negative order amount for a cash disbursement. To see this setting you may need to log out of Floranext and back in. An article on how to do this can be found here.

We have just updated Floranext to allow split payments!

You will now see a new option on the payment screen when this feature is enabled.

To split a payment across different tenders,  In the payment amount screen, you will select the type of payment and enter the amount of the first tender then press the + Split Payment link on the screen.  You can then chose the next tender type and fill in the amount. There is a  maximum of 5 split payments/tenders for each order.


We hope you are excited about this new function that we are almost ready to have included, we've had several requests from Florists to have this.