Some errors can cause credit card transactions not to be closed during the set time in the USAePay batch auto-closure. If this ever occurs you will receive an email from USAePay and or Floranext about the batch auto-closure failure.

Some most common errors that could cause batch auto-closure failure's are the following:

1. The processing network was having an issue during batch out time
2. The merchant account provider has blocked the merchant account

3.Merchant has changed some VAR info and USAePay was not updated
4. Batch rejected due to footer / totals error - One transaction was voided, a new charge was made with a different total. 

 A sample email will look like the following:


The merchant account mentioned below currently obtains a Batch Auto-Closure Failure, meaning their batch has attempted to close automatically to specified settings within the merchant gateway account. Unfortunately, the batch is unable to close due to a specified error message generating. Please advise the merchant that they need to have their batch closed in order to receive their funds from those transactions. The error is: [ Error Will Be Listed Here]

The merchant that currently obtains a Batch Auto-Closure Failure is:

1. [Shop Name] with Batch ID and Batch Total

If our mutual merchant needs further assistance in this matter, feel more than welcomed to guide them to contact our USAePay Merchant Support Department at (866) 872-3729 Ext: 490.

Please let me know if you should have any questions about this matter. Thank you!


You can resolve this issue in the following steps:

1. Log into your USAePay portal with your username and password. 

1. Log into your USAePay portal with your username and password.

2. Once logged in, please click on Batches.

3. Batches page will load and there will be a red banner stating " There are 1 transactions pending the closure of this batch. (View Pending Transactions)." You will click on this banner which will take you to a batch closure page. 


4.Here you will click process changes and the charge will be added to today's batch. 

If you have questions or need any further assistance on a USAePay batch auto-closure, please contact Floranext for additional support.