Navigate to Website > Content > Local Pages

Then click Edit above the section you wish to adjust the category links for. In the example below we are using the Funeral Home section as an example.



This will take you to a screen that looks like this:



As you can see here there are 3 strings and each string has a place to enter a catergory_id. This category ID number corresponds to the category ID number found on the category itself. This number can be found under Products > Website Products and by looking in the location shown below:


Each category has a different ID, simply click on the category you wish to know the ID for and this information will change accordingly to give you the category ID of the category you were looking for.


Once you have all 3 of the category IDs that you wish to link to, simply input those numbers in place of the category ID on the page shown above. You will only want to change the number between the quotation marks indicated here with red:



Be sure to Save your changes!