Safari and Chrome Upgrade Instructions

Safari - OSX Upgrade

To upgrade your Safari browser, you will need to upgrade your OSX to the latest version, El Capitan. The newest version of Safari is part of this bundle. This can take a long time depending on your internet connection and you won't be able to use the machine while it is upgrading so best to do after hours or overnight.


Chrome Updates

Chrome is not bundled in an OS update like Safari. This is a link to Google's own instructional page on updating Chrome:


Here is also another video that a youtube user created to help illustrate how to upgrade chrome.


It is very important to always keep your browser up to date to the latest version when using the Floranext Admin and POS. These versions have the latest updates and security fixes. Please note your customers can access and order from your website with older browsers, this is only pertaining to shops themselves running the Floranext Admin and POS.