Floranext has a variety of order print options to suit your flower shops unique printing needs. In this article, we'll review recommended print practices. 


What are Tickets used for?

Recommended to print Delivery orders. Tickets are perforated to conveniently act as an order for the designer, delivery slip for the driver and card for the arrangement.  

Where can tickets be printed from in Floranext?

-Take New Order

-Order Detail

-Processing of Standing Order

What paper type is it printed on?

John Henry Stationary that is legal, landscape with perforations.

For full details and how to order, See More info on ticket paper 


Work Orders

What are Work Orders used for?

Work Orders are for internal use only and contain order details for the flower shop to fill the order. Recommended to print out pick-up orders so you don't waste ticket paper to print pick-up orders. Also can be used to print out all orders if your shop doesn't use ticket paper.

Where can Work Orders be printed from?

- Order Detail

What paper type is it printed on?

Plain letter-sized paper 



What are receipts used for?

 Receipts are proof of purchase to give to your customer and can be printed from a receipt printer or on plain letter-sized paper.

Where can receipts be printed from?

-Take New Order

-Order Detail

-Processing of Standing Order

-House Account Statement

What paper type is it printed on?

If you have a receipt printer, receipts will print on receipt printer.

If you don't have a receipt printer, then receipts will print on plain letter-sized paper.

Note, the setting 'Use Receipt Printer' in POS settings needs to be set so Floranext knows which size paper to format your receipts.



What are invoices used for?

Invoices are most commonly used by businesses who order flowers and then need a receipt of the order to submit to their accounting department. Invoices are used instead of receipts in this case because they include more detail.

Invoices are also used as a bill for house account charges and can be mailed directly to the customer for payment remittance or can be included along with the statement to provide more detail of the orders shown in the statement.

Where can invoices be printed from?

- Order Detail

-House Account Report > Print Selected Invoices

-If POS Settings > Use Receipt Printer is No, then Order Detail 'Print Invoice' and 'Print Receipt' print are the same thing

What paper type is it printed on?

Letter paper with or without store logo/info preprinted on top. Floranext will print store info on Invoice with setting in POS Settings