Create a Custom Payment Method called "Spoilage" or "Waste"

    • Go to Settings > POS Settings > Section "Custom Payment Methods" 
    • "Add New Payment Method" called "Spoilage" or "Waste" - note: remember to choose option "invisible on frontend"



Create a Product Category called "Spoilage" or "Waste" - this is important for reporting purposes. 

    • Go to Settings > POS Settings > Section "Product Categories" 
    • "Add Category" called "Spoilage" or "Waste" 



Add New Product

    • Products > Add Product 
    • Fill in the Add Product Form
      • Product Information
        • Product Type: POS
        • Product Name: "Spoilage" or "Waste" 
        • Product ID: (whatever number or code you want) 
        • Product Description: Spoilage/Waste 
        • Price: (keep set at 0.00 so you can manually insert the amount when you Take Order)
        • Reporting Category: "Spoilage" or "Waste" (depending on what you name the Product Category)
      • Advanced Options
        • Taxable: 'No'



Take Order

  • In Search Products, type in "Spoilage" - when this product is added - it will automatically update the product category. 
    • In the product description it already has displayed "Spoilage/Waste -" so you can just quickly add what the product was that you are reporting. 
    • Add the Price for the amount that was spoiled/wasted. 
    • Add Product


    • Check that the order doesn't have any tax. 


  • Choose "Spoilage" as Payment Type. 


Reports > Product Category Reports