Sometimes you'll want to show products on your website but do not want your customers to purchase them online.  This is common for wedding, sympathy, seasonal or other highly custom items.  Floranext websites have the option to add products that are 'Browse-Only' to easily include these products on your website and provide customers info on how to purchase.

 In this article we will review how browse only products look on the website and how to create them.


How will a Browse Only product look on my website?

It will look quite similar to a product that is available to purchase but with key differences:

1.  If the price is set to $0.00, then no price info will show for the product. If a price is set - then this price WILL show. 

2.  The product's details page will not have the 'Add to Cart' button

3.  The 'Browse-Only' text that you enter will show on the product page and should include instructions on how to purchase.

Here's a sample:


(above) A website using the Orchid theme has a category called 'Orange Summer Wedding Flowers' and four Browse-Only products are showing in the category.  The first product is 'Orange Summer Aisle Marker' and demonstrates how the product looks when your mouse hovers over the photo.

(below) The product detail page of a Browse-Only product.  Note the 'How to Order' text is editable.



How to Create a Browse-Only Product:

Creating a Browse-Only product is just like creating any other product.

1.  Navigate to Products > Website Products / Categories and select 'Add Product'

2. Select Product Type, Product Name, Product ID, Product Description. 

3. Price.  If you do not want to list a price enter in 0.  If you do want to list a price then enter here.  It still will not allow the customer to purchase the product online.

4. Add an image, reporting category and the category the product should appear in. 

5. scroll down to Advanced Options and click.

6. Here you will make the product browse only and set to yes.

7.  Click Save and check your website to review the new product!



 How to Edit the Standard Text on Browse-Only products:

All Browse-Only products will display a section of the Contact Us button where the custom text will show.  We recommend including instructions on how to order a browse-only product in this section since it will show on every browse-only product.

1.  Navigate to Store Settings > Store Info > scroll to Website Product Settings

2.  Browse Only Header is the title of the section.  In this example, it is set to 'How to Order'

3.  Browse Only Text is what shows under the header.  See photos above to see how the text will show on your website.