Google Cloud Print isn't working

If Google Cloud Print isn’t working, here are a few possible issues and how to fix them.

If there are no printers listed on the Google Cloud Print management page, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • To refresh your printer list, click Reload Reload
  • If you’re using a Cloud Ready printer, update your printer driver by installing the latest version from your manufacturer and reconnect your printer.

For classic printers:

  • Sign out and sign back into the Google Cloud Print connector.
  • Confirm permissions with the printer owner or group owner. Remember, the owner controls printer permissions.
  • Sign in to the same account on your Google Cloud Print management page and the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome.
  • Verify that your printers are installed on the computer with the Google Cloud Print connector.
  • Confirm that you're on the latest OS version on your Chrome device, Mac, or Windows machine.

If they are signed in - this page should show you open jobs:


Some of your extensions may cause issues with Google Cloud Print.

Disable your extensions one-by-one to see if one in particular is causing the problem.

  1. In the top right of your browser, click menu Menu.
  2. Hover over “More Tools,” then select Extensions.
  3. Disable an extension by unchecking Enabled.
  4. After disabling each extension, try printing again.

If you're using a restricted or corporate network, Google Cloud Print may not work properly. For example, your documents may get stuck in the print queue and won't print until you restart the computer that has the connector enabled.

If you’re interested in setting up Google Cloud Print for your corporation, follow the instructions here.