How to Cancel FSN Wire-Out/Wire-In Orders:

*Note: Cancelling a FSN wire-out or wire-in order will note update FSN of the order changes, please call FSN directly to edit a wire order that has already been sent or received.*


  • Wire Outs -  If the order has already been transmitted to FSN, call FSN to confirm cancellation of the wire out and then cancel the order in Floranext
FSN Florist Support : 870-215-5444

How to Cancel Wire-Out Orders to Other Shops Using Different Wire-Out Method:

Notify the flower shop to which you sent the order, and make sure that they cancel it on their end.


How to Cancel Wire-Out order if order was paid with a House Account Payment:

Start by going to Reports > House Account > Find the House Account > View Payments > Remove Payment 

Then go to the Wire-Out order that you want to cancel, and choose cancel. 


*If this wire-out order was paid with multiple orders in this House Account with only one payment transaction, you must remove the whole payment transaction in order to give the refund for the wire-out order. This will then create a unpaid balance for the other orders that were once in that payment transaction. There is no way to give partial refund when the payment is taken as one transaction in a House Account.*


*Always make sure the refund actually occurred by checking with your credit card gateway!*